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Daniela is an amazing trainer! I’ve been training with her for just over a year now and it’s something that I look forward to every week. I’ve been active my whole life, but this is the strongest and healthiest I have ever felt. I’ve never trained with someone that motivates me like she does and I see the results. I’ve also had a couple injuries (not enough to stop working out entirely) and she’s able to customize certain exercises so that I can still get a good work out in. I would recommend her to anyone/everyone as long as it does not take away from our sessions! ;)

Andrea Paredes

Account Manager


I've been working with Daniela for over 5 years. Daniela Possesses the total package for a personal trainer: professional, knowledgeable, confident, passionate, personable, and understanding. She truly cares about the wellbeing of her clients.

Mervyn Sookdeo



The best training experience you could hope for. Daniela is a professional coach who will help you achieve your goals. Flexible schedules, innovative workouts and 100% support in keeping you on track. I will definitely be back for more training. The positive results are physical, mental and emotional

Ryan Hogan

Police Services


I had the opportunity to work with Daniela for about a year and I can honestly say that it was one of the wisest decisions I've made towards my mental and physical health. Because of her efforts, I'm stronger and fitter. I have a better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. I highly recommend her. 

Cristiane Soares



Training with Daniela has been life changing for me. She is patient yet I am always challenged. Great variations of workouts so it never feels like I am doing a redundant routine. I stay engaged. I have come down 12 pounds from my heaviest in the short time I have been working with her. I have a realistic sustainable meal plan where I don’t feel restricted or hungry. I have already brought 2 people to try training with Daniela and they are hooked as well. If you’re ready for change then give her a try.

Nicky Sookhoo

Account Executive


What makes Daniela so different and refreshing is her genuine care for your improvement.She is realistic in the goals we make together but tough. She guides you to achieve the best version of yourself. She pushes you and encourages you; Not just with work out routines but inspiration and motivational quotes to lift your spirit. She gave me the confidence to continue this healthy life style and to work out with confidence. The app is super easy to use especially when you are always on the go!

Yontela Tenzin

Dental Hygienist


Daniela is an amazing trainer, I've been training with her for over 5 years now. She pushes me to become stronger and better each day! I always look  forward to training with her. I've become the healthiest I have ever been and so much stronger. 

Sabrina Dhindsa



Daniela is  an awesome trainer! Working out with her has been a fun and rewarding experience because you see results. She is very patient and understanding as she customizes a workout plan that works! She is flexible with her availability that makes is easy for you to schedule a workout with her. Also, her customer service is exceptional and she is very professional. The workouts are hard but you feel great after her session and she provides tips/tricks to help you stay on track. Please check her out, you won't regret it!

Nathalie Ryan



Daniela has been a personal trainer and personal mentor for many years. I am proud to say she is the only reason I train. A true professional, motivating, get you going on the days you don't want to train and provides invaluable advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Daniela will tailor your training according to your needs and requirements. There is no pressure, no commitment. You will easily fall into the routine she recommends. Only regret is that there are only five stars. 10 out of 5 in my book!

Harp Dhindsa



I have been training with Daniela for over 3 years, she is one of the awesome crazy trainer that you’ll love to train with. She’ll help you to reach your goal and make you feel great about yourself!

Amy Singh

Business Owner

"Your entire life can really change in a year. You just have to love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to actually work for more."

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