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Not all Eggs are the Same

Eggs can be a highly nutritious food that can be part of your daily diet but not all eggs are the same.

An eggs nutritional value has a lot to do with what chicken they came from and how they were raised.

Here is a list of the most common types of eggs you will find at your local grocery store and where they come from.

Conventional: These are the plain eggs you see at the grocery store. They come from chickens that are fed grains, vitamins and minerals.

Organic: They come from chickens that are not treaded with hormones and are fed organic.

Omega 3: These chicken are the same as conventional, however they are supplemented with omega 3 sources.

Pasture: These eggs come from chickens that are able to run around outside and eat plants.

Free Run: egg come from chickens that can run outside. However it can be misleading because it doesn’t specify that space in which they can run outside.

So which eggs are the healthiest?

Pastured eggs are probably the healthiest as the chickens are able to run around and eat a more natural diet consisting of plants outside. Depending on where you live, you can always buy eggs from a local farmer. .


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